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Google Finally Wins One Against Facebook (Infographic)

Google Finally Wins One Against Facebook (Infographic)

Oh snap! Look out Facebook, Google actually does something better than you. When it comes to privacy and security online, Google rules the roost. The popular social network, Facebook has had multiple security issues, and problems with their privacy settings. For instance: have you ever noticed that whenever Facebook launches huge updates a lot of people get kicked off of their privacy settings and have no idea? There are also far more hack attempts on Facebook than on Google. Facebook still beats Google in almost every arena, so don’t think we’re playing the other side. However, kudos to Google for keeping Mark Zuckerberg’s baby on its toes.

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Infographic by Veracode Application Security


  1. Web Marketing Farnham

    I figured this out! Personally I loved Google +1 than Facebook because of privacy issues. Beware Mark Zuckerberg, Google +1 is here to beat you.

  2. Compras Coletivas

    Hey, great infographic!

    Much valuable information.

    Thx for share.