This Week In Infographics: Go Green Or Get Whacked By The Mafia

Another week, another awesome batch of infographics. I know you are as excited as I am. So incase you didn’t know: email is not dead but the future does not look bright. Also, in our dreary economy there is still hope! Green jobs are on the rise, if you like concrete or the mafia – you can pretty much go either way, and the top SEO experts are raving about a fantastic search engine marketing infographic that illustrates the technical field’s growth and possibilities. For those of you with an interest in internet marketing, the market is projected to increase over the next several years. Looks like all good news this week in infographics.

1. | Is Email Dead?

Is Email Dead? [Infographic]


2. | What’s The Deal With Green Jobs?

What is the deal with Green jobs

3. | Concrete Mafia

Concrete Mafia: How the Mob Uses Polished Concrete [Infographic]


4. | SEO Salary Guide For Top 20 U.S. Markets

SEO Salary and Job Market Guide


5. | An Internet Marketing Education

Internet Marketing Education