Best Valentine’s Day Infographics of 2012

Best Valentine’s Day Infographics of 2012

The sad thing about looking for awesome Valentine’s Day infographics is that most of them are about the same things: how much does it cost, and gross love stuff. So we tried to find the best of the traditional, the economical, and the hysterical/downright dirty. Today you will find out, how to tell if he is into you, all the reasons why being single on Valentine’s Day is awesome, what men buy, how much the retailers make, and how dirty your date really is.

1. | 14 Signs He’s Into You

2. | One Isn’t the Loneliest Number

3. | What Do Men Buy?

4. | Retailers Get Their Heart-On For Valentine’s Day

Retailers Get Their ♥ On For Valentine’s Day

5. | Like Your Date to be Dirty?

How Dirty is Your Date?

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  1. izza24nami

    Lovely infographics, all in pink:) I totally love pink.
    ‘He’s into you’ , sounds really sweet. My boyfriend is also like that to me, he notice every changes I made like trimming my hair.

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