This Week in Infographics: I Love you to Death

This Week in Infographics: I Love you to Death

The common theme this week amongst our hand-picked awesomeness, is relationships and death. First, is it possible that your birth order may influence your financial behavior? Let’s hope not! Also, traditional dating is a thing of the past, the virtual world is taking over – the good news: avatars don’t need birth control, yay! Speaking of birth control, what is the debate between contraception and health care? For those of you who live in a cave 6 days a week, this will be helpful. And now for the dark side of this week in infographics: find out interesting facts about death, and what your chances are of dying doing the most basic things.

1. | Does Birth Order Influence Financial Behavior?

Birth Order

2. | Boy “Meets” Girl: Dating in a Virtual World

Infographic: Dating in a Virtual World

3. | The Control of Birth Control

4. | 15 Things you Didn’t Know About Death

5. | You Chances of Dying

Your Chances of Dying
Source: Best Health Degrees