This Week in Infographics #8: Tips for the High School Senior

This Week in Infographics #8: Tips for the High School Senior

It’s mid-April, which means a whole batch of 18 year olds are about to hit the real world. For most, the blast won’t be too heavy starting out, but we wanted to prepare you for what you’re getting yourself into, and give some good ideas to get you through. First, we have prom: sweet, magical, life (up-til-now) validating prom. Ladies, you may have already noticed that you’re about to spend more money on your prom dress than you have on anything, ever. Unless you plan on walking the red carpet in that dress too, just say no. And when it comes to the fancy lingerie you will probably be all about for the next 10 years, find out what your taste says about you. Next, we want to introduce a possible career path, something that your generation could really excel in: app design. We have included a profile of Android app developers, so see if you fit the mold. Now for money, we are about to see some huge changes in banking, so know the info now, and follow it like you do Perez Hilton – it will make life so much easier in just a few short years. Finally, we have 15 ways to put money in your pocket, because you are about to be really poor.

1. | Pretty in Pink


2. | What Does Your Lingerie say About you?

3. | Following the White Rabbit

Following the White Rabbit [Infographic]

4. | Bank on it!

5. | 15 Ways to Fill Your pot of Gold