This Week in Infographics: How to Break Your Heart

This Week in Infographics: How to Break Your Heart

While the theme of this week in infographics is loose, I know you are awesome enough to get the gist. So to begin, our first infographic is quite literally how to break your heart. It shows the truth about sudden cardiac arrest, and puts a pin in some of the myths we’ve heard over the years – all you hypochondriacs out there should not read it. Next, we’re going to talk about Gen-Y and cause marketing, and how now we have gone from hipsters to slacktivists (insert sarcastic, weak “yay”). What rhymes with slacktivist? Hacktivist! Our third infographic is about cyber security, and how big companies are really scared about the fact that they will probably be hacked in the next six months. Now for the more metaphorical side of breaking your heart: we will talk about infidelity, who is more likely to engage in it, and how to come clean about it. Finally, I have included an interactive infographic from NYTimes about how many families out there are just like yours?

1. | What You Don’t Know Will Kill You

What You Don't Know Will Kill You [Infographic]

2. | The Rise of the Slacktivist

3. | Cyber Security

4. | Coming Clean About Infidelity

5. | How Many Households Are Like Yours?

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  1. Rebecca

    Great statistics. We should need to be aware in everything around us not only for our own health.
    Especially the thing that we thought would not happen..