This Week in Infographics #9: A Social Media Timeline

This Week in Infographics #9: A Social Media Timeline

Obviously the theme of this week’s infographics is social media. We begin with Mark Zuckerberg and a Facebook timeline of his career based on the movie Social Network. Then we look at the accomplishments of another technological genius, Steve Jobs, and how an Apple a day really does keep the viruses away. Next, we will explore the latest craze that will inevitably change our way of life just as the previous advances did. But is all of this greatness putting a damper on our creativity? Turns out we may be facing a war between productivity and creativity. Those joining the workforce have completely different views from those running the show. Finally, our baby millennials know nothing before computers and social media. How will the leaders of tomorrow view privacy and corporate mentality in a world where they live out loud and would rather have time on their side than make millions?

1. | Social Life: A Timeline of Life of Mark Zuckerberg

The Facebook Timeline of Mark Zuckerberg

2. | Just how big is Apple

3. | Wake up Call


4. | Global Creativity Gap


5. | The Millennial Teenager


The Millennial Teenager
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