This Week in Infographics #10: The Easy Way Isn’t Always So Simple

This Week in Infographics #10: The Easy Way Isn’t Always So Simple

The theme this week reminds me of watching fairy tales as a child. Remember how there was always a shortcut for the traveler? The shorter path was always dark and stormy, and the long path was sunny and lovely – the shortest distance between two points isn’t always the easiest way to get there. The interstate will have more traffic than the back roads during rush hour, and the seven day fad diet will ultimately create more work for you in the long run.

Our first infographic takes us back to a “simpler time,” and compares it to today – the topic: poker. Taking a look at how the cowboys of the wild west played poker compared to our modern day gamer, will make anyone insecure. Next, companies are making it a little easier on their employees by allowing them to bring their own devices to work, however the price isn’t so simple since personal use is on the company’s dime. Then we take a look at yesterday’s internet vs. today – the design, and how it has changed things like how we get an education. Finally, the oldest tricks in the book are still alive and well today – the seven deadly sins. Luckily, our modern brain hacking abilities may actually put these psychological issues to rest for good.

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