Gentlemint, Start Your Engines: A Pinterest for Men

Gentlemint, Start Your Engines: A Pinterest for Men

I’m sure you’ve heard your female friends obsessively talking about Pinterest, the greatest social network since sliced bread.  But what about men? We need our mancave of a pinboard/social network to show off our wares.  Luckily, Gentlement has accepted entered the foray.  We couldn’t wait to hear more news about them, so we decided to sit down and interview them:

1 – Tell us a little bit about yourselves.
The site is co-founded by myself (Glen Stansberry), a web designer. The other co-founder is Brian McKinney a designer and developer. Since starting the site, we’ve added Alex Kritikos, a fantastic programmer and sysadmin. Oh, and we’re all based out of Lawrence, KS.

2 – Why the name? Why the moustaches?
The name: we had a few picked out before we started building the service, but after deliberating for a while, we just settled on Gentlemint. It was a play on the world Gentleman and mint, but mint in the treasury sense. Gentlemint is a mint of manly things 🙂

3 – How do you plan to beat Pinterest? 🙂
We don’t. Everyone has kind of taken to believe that we’re trying to be the male version of Pinterest. While we do have similarities with Pinterest, we have features (and many more on the way) that make us very different.

At the core of our service (and Pinterest’s) is link sharing, and link sharing sites have been around a long, long time before we entered. Also, we’re focused around a specific set of content, whereas Pinterest houses everything under the sun.

4 – Besides targeting men, how do you plan to differentiate from Pinterest? (or how do you currently)
Well, like I mention above, we’re only focused on one type of content. That alone makes us very different from Pinterest.

5 – Do you censor what people put on there to make sure it’s manly enough?
We censor flagrant and inappropriate posts, and posts that objectify women. (We actually have a healthy community of ladies who post to the site, and we want them to be comfortable too.) As far as the “is it manly enough?” censoring, we kind of just let the Gentlemint community do that. For the most part, everyone understands what type of content should be on the site even though we haven’t created guidelines or anything yet. That’s actually one of the best parts about the community: everyone seems to understand what should be added to the site.

6 – You’ve just started advertising. Do you think the community will be resistant to it? Other income streams?
So far everyone has been hugely supportive of our advertising, actually. We have other revenue streams in mind, but for right now we’re just focused on making the site much better. After all, we did put the guts of the site together in 12 hours. (See more here)

7 – What’s the road to profitability? Any funding / acquisition plans in the future?
Not really. We’re just taking everything one day at a time.

Thanks Glen, Brian, and Alex – we wish you best of luck on your awesome site! We’re big fans.

Bonus:We’ve got 5 Gentlemint invites to give away. Leave us a comment to get in on it. First come, first served.


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