Madness! Social Madness, I Tell You

The Social Madness challenge is quickly gaining momentum in Louisville as the 75+ businesses work to promote their work. Votes are being cast and counted up into the hundreds.

Sponsored by Capital One Spark Business, the Social Madness Challenge measures a company’s online social presence and their growth. Through Facebook ‘likes’, retweets, and upvotes, a complex algorithm determines just how far the business reaches and to how many people. Votes from individuals also up your score and determine your popularity among the local yokels.
Businesses of all sizes participate within the three categories for small (less than 100 employees), medium (100-500 employees) and large (500 or more employees) businesses. The Social Madness competition helps businesses, large and small, to further their social reach, followers, and fans, as well as promoting teamwork and social media strategies.

Nowsourcing has entered the Social Madness challenge in the small business category.  We’re calling on our fans and readers to vote for us, follow on Twitter, like on Facebook, and follow  company on Linkedin – each one of these actions counts as one vote.  Good luck to all the participants!