The Ugly Side of AC [comic]

Working in an office building has its ups (a “friendly” receptionist affectionately called, Mildred) and its downs (bland, unchangeable, corporate decor). But, all office buildings have their quirks; some are green, some have historical significance, some are haunted, some are full of doctor’s offices, and some are always freezing. For this week’s comic, you’re going to want to bring a sweater. Our office, all the way up on the 4th floor, makes us one of the closest properties to the industrial air conditioner, which for the first few weeks of spring is perfect. But, much like a failing marriage, the spark is quickly gone and we sink into a bitter, freezing, Donner Pass-like abyss. By lunch time, the office feels so cold that our fingers are stiff and our lips have turned blue. Some of us have even resorted to bringing blankets and tinder boxes.