This Week in Infographics #16: Smoking Bad, Internet Good.

This Week in Infographics #16: Smoking Bad, Internet Good.

This week we start by taking a look at online gambling. We all know the US is in debt. Terrible debt. $15.7 trillion in debt to be exact. Not to mention many would agree that they feel not enough is being done to get our country out of this financial rut. So of course the question becomes, what can we tax to make more money for our economy? The answer: online gambling. Yes, this is a controversial subject and we won’t get into those details. Instead we focus on the possible economical benefits of legalizing online gambling.

Next up, we look at cigarettes and how terrible they are for you. Although, hopefully you already knew this. Yet, there are 1.1 billion smokers in the world and every 6.5 seconds someone dies because of smoking. If that stat alone isn’t enough to make you want to quit, check out the infographic to learn more.

On to a less morbid topic. Online shopping continues to grow in popularity. In fact many people prefer to shop online than in a store. It’s convenient and you can usually catch a better deal. However, it’s not just the big shopping websites that are drawing attention. Websites where people can sell there own goods are becoming popular as well. Etsy, which is basically an Ebay for DIY’ers, has 15 million members in over 150 countries.

1 – Online Gambling

Gambling and the USA National Debt

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Nursing Your Lungs
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3 – Etsy: Turning Artists into Entrepreneurs

Etsy MBA
Created by: MBAOnline

4 – Five Public Health Nightmares

5 Public Health Nightmares Facing Humanity
Source: MPH Online


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