This Week in Infographics #17: Back to the Future (Not the Movie)

This Week in Infographics #17: Back to the Future (Not the Movie)

This week we take a look into the future. What exactly about the future are we looking into? Well, first up we look at the future of public relations. Next on the agenda is the future of mobile business and consumer apps. And last but not least we take a look at maximizing millennials.

First up is the future of public relations. PR will continue to adapt to the ever changing environment of the internet and technology. In the future the internet will be tailored to the individual and traditional power points will be replaced by holographic presentations. Remember the Tupac hologram at Coachella? Something like that.

Next up, the future of mobile business and consumer apps. Well, everyone knows we live in a mobile world. Everything is on the go these days. So it makes perfect sense that that tablet is growing popular in the mobile market. And not just with individuals but big businesses too. Large corporations are adopting tablets at a fast rate and with their increase in usage comes the need for more specifc apps. Enter the enterprise applications, which are designed to integrate with other apps within corporate networks while meeting strict requirements for security and administration management.

Lastly, we look at how to maximize millennials. Otherwise known as generation Y, millennials are anyone born between the late 1970’s and early 2000’s. Not only will millennials soon take over the workforce but they are the most diverse generation to date.

1 – The Future of Public Relations

2 – The Great App-splosion

Mobile Business Apps and Consumer Apps

3 – Maximizing Millennials

Gen Y In the Workplace Via MBA@UNC
Via MBA@UNC Online Business Degree & The YEC

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