This Week in Infographics #19: Marketing and Money

This Week in Infographics #19: Marketing and Money

This week we have quite a few info graphics for you. First we take a look at how credit cards have gone social. With the passage of the CARD act, credit card companies needed to find a new way to reach college students since they could no longer pitch on campus. So of course, social media became a new place for them market to a younger demographic.

Next up is mobile search trends. We take a look at the behavior of mobile search users as well as some of the top searches. What are people searching for the most on their mobile phones? Facebook. No surprise there.

Then we look at Google ads. More specifically, how pay-per-click ads are taking over Google’s search engine results. This is great for marketers, but maybe not so much for the consumer.

Many businesses use software to help them organize their customers information. Churches are following in many businesses footsteps and taking advantage to management software. This leads us to our next infographic, which illustrates how churches are using management software to attract and engage new members.

Next we look at the greatest legal underdogs of all time. It seems that when it comes to law suites, money and influence can have the upper hand, but this infographic shows how that’s not always the case.

Last, but not least, we uncover the Fed. The Federal Reserve that is.

1 – Credit Cards Go Social

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2 – A Snapshot Of Mobile Search Trends

A Snapshot of Mobile Search Trends [Infographic]
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3 – The War On Free Clicks

How Google Ads are Taking over the Search Engine Results Page.

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4 – Maximize Ministry, Minimize Administration

Using Church Management Software to Engage New Members [Infographic]
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5 – The Greatest Legal Underdogs Of All Time

The Greatest Legal Underdogs of All Time
Source: Best Paralegal Schools Online

6 – Uncovering The Fed

Uncovering The Fed
Source: Best Accounting Schools

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