Stop Embedding Your Infographics Like Crap

Stop Embedding Your Infographics Like Crap

Ever needing to embed an infographic, photo, or other images into your WordPress post and finding that pasting the url into the actual post is getting redundant? Look no further, a plugin has launched that allows you to embed the image needed right into your post!

This plugin is very user friendly; easy to download and even easier to use. With the use of this generator, you’ll have control over the display size of the image while also having the option to add a “courtesy of” link back to any site that you choose. While having all the necessary options for the embed code, there are also optional options such as a title, and ALT attribute.


So, why is having an embed code so important? Your graphics are out on the web at everyone’s disposal and of course you’d like the credit for your hard earned work. With the use of this plugin you’ll be able to control where your links are being directed to with ease.

A convenient and effortless way of protecting your graphics while getting the credit deserved has never been so simple. The plug in simply titled “Embed Code Generator” is available for download at


  1. David Trounce

    Brian, sadly, the code only goes in at the bottom of the post, making it almost entirely unrelated to the image two thirds up the page. Seems like a bad oversight to not ensure the embed goes directly under the image in question.

  2. Zachary Straub

    Hi David! Quick follow up question. The plugin hasn’t been supported in almost two years. Do you still use it regularly? Is it safe for current WP builds? TIA!