This Week In Infographics #21: Partying Like A Rock Star and Going Green

This Week In Infographics #21: Partying Like A Rock Star and Going Green

Plenty of infographics this week. To start us off, we have one that explores the world of rock super stardom. What makes a rock star? Who are the wealthiest of them all? This infographic delves into the lifestyles of the rich and famous and what made them so.

Next up, the ever growing market of mobile gaming app development rears its head. We follow the success story of Hothead Games and their pivotal rise to the top. This infographic brings us all the statistics that show how much of a mark they’ve made in the mobile gaming app world and what happened when they moved their data layer to the Cloudant cloud database service.

Let’s not forget the Wild West and the crazy history of gambling. With every story of “how the west was won”, you can rest assured gambling is involved. Here, we span the history of gambling from its origins and how it began to what it is today. What place does it have in the American economy today?  Read on to find out more.

Lastly, we elaborate on ways to stay green. It’s all the rage right now (partially because it’s the right thing to do!) and is quickly becoming the latest trend. From converting to electric vehicles to reducing waste, this infographic explains any and everything you need to know to help reduce your cities carbon footprint.


1 – Who Are the World’s Richest Rock Stars?

2 – How To Win Big in the App Market

How to Win Big in the App Market [Infographic]
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3 – Gambling: An American Tradition

American Gambling History
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4 – 10 Green Way To Improve Our Cities

Top 10 Ways to Make Cities Greener
Source: Best Sociology Programs