This Week in Infographics #22: The Internets

We have quite a few infographics for you this week. Most of them have to do with the internet, or computer, hence the title. However, we have a couple that don’t fall in that category. So lets jump right in. To start, we’ll look at the rise of senior online gaming. Believe it or not, senior citizens really enjoy their online games. In fact, 38% of all social game players are age 50 and over.

Next up we take a look at the Stuxnet worm. Stuxnet was originally created to stop Iran’s nuclear efforts, however since its release it has become available to anyone on the internet. So what would happen if it got into the wrong hands? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Then we look at what’s eating up your data plan. We all love our smart phones, but we don’t love that bill we get every month, especially if you go over on your data plan. Man, don’t you miss the days of unlimited data? Some carriers still offer that, but it will be a thing of the past soon.

Next, we veer away from the internet, and take a look at teen tracking. Everyone knows one of the most exciting times in a teenagers life is when they start driving. However, it’s one of the most anxiety ridden times for their parents. Teenagers fall prey to many distractions while driving, which is why they are most likely to get into fatal wrecks during their first few months of driving.

We then take a look at a more serious matter, which is the invisible poor. Millions of Americans are living in poverty, yet most of them feel like they are being looked over. Only 1 in 10 Americans feel that poverty is an issue that should be addressed by the government. With that outlook, we will never be able to eradicate poverty from our nation.

Last, but not least, we look at the game of sales. Cold calling has been a tactic used by salesmen for many years, but it’s time for a change. Cold calling just doesn’t work. So this infographic illustrates a new way to make sales, and that is warm calling. Warm calling is getting to know your prospective buyer and the industry they are in. This will make it easier to get the person to talk to you, therefore, hopefully making it easier to make the sale.

1 – Gaming with Granny

Gaming with Granny Infographic

Infographic by Assisted Living Today

2 – Stuxnet


Infographic by Veracode Application Security

3 – What’s Eating Up Your Data Plan?

What's Eating Up Your Data Plan? [Infographic]
© 2012 Xigo

4 – Why Teenagers Suck at Driving

Infographic: Teen Tracker
Teen Tracker by GoTrack, Inc

5 – The Invisible Poor of America

Infographic: The Invisible Poor
The Invisible Poor by Payday

6 – Game of Sales

Game of Sales
Infographic: Game of Sales InsideView