How (and why) to Use Infographics as your Secret Marketing Weapons

Recently, our very own Brian Wallace was asked to speak at an event here in town on infographics. How (and why) to Use Infographics as your Secret Marketing Weapon put to rest some myths like all infographics being the same and the truth behind ROI while placing everything about infographics on the table. When done correctly, infographics can generate thousands of views and shares effectively promoting traffic and the fact is, people really love infographics. With the help of a clever, informative, and amusing PowerPoint, the mysterious world of infographics makes much more sense to those present, and if you weren’t able to make it to the event, the PowerPoint can be viewed below. Check it out, who knows, you may learn something.



  1. Verônica A Zanuzzo

    I loved the slides!

    I just want to share something
    The slide 18, ‘show do milhão’ is probably part of a brazilian magazine called superinteressante ( ‘No hablo portuguese’ = spanish D:

  2. Brian Wallace

    Hey Veronica – glad you loved it! We did that on purpose to be funny 🙂