This Week in Infographics #26: Fakes, Family and Business

This week’s theme is kind of all over the place. We have a little bit of business and social media mixed in with mailing your family. Yes, mailing your family, I’ll explain in a little bit.

First up, we’ll take a look at the appearance of social media. Have you ever looked at a celebrity’s Twitter account and wondered how they have so many followers? Well, wonder no more, because most of them are fake. Celebrities and even us normal folk buy followers. And you thought that there were really over 28 million people that actually cared about what Lady GaGa had to say. Silly you.

Next we take a look at what it takes to mail your family. Okay, I know this sounds extreme AND illegal, but it’s still kind of fun to think about. This infographic is a guide on how to, hypothetically, mail your family the luxurious way.

Then we look at how graphic design is good for business. Everyone knows you have to stand out in order to grab the consumers attention, and with graphic design you can do just that. This infographic explores how graphic design is good for business as well as some of the best places to work for graphic designers.

Next up, is the evolution of patient safety. Over the past 2,000 years patient safety has steadily grown. This infographic highlights those changes in a timeline.

Last, but not least, we look at nursing and why there is a such a high demand for it. There are more nurses retiring than are coming into the field which is creating this demand. This infographic illustrates the areas of nursing that are high in demand as well as low in demand.

1 – The Appearance of Social Media

Fake Twitter Profiles
Social Selling Software –

2 – The Luxurious Guide to Mailing Your Family

Gift Packaging with style – RetailPackaging.Com

3 – Graphic Design is Good for Business

Courtesy of: InVisionApp

4 – The Evolution of Patient Safety

The Evolution of Patient Safety
Source: Accelerated Nursing Degrees

5 – High Demand vs Low Demand Nursing

10 Biggest Media Companies
Source: Best BSN Programs