This Week in Infographics #28: Bacon Money. Wait, What?

This week we have a variety of infographics for you, but we will start with the one that I find to be the coolest. It’s about bacon, and who doesn’t love bacon? This infographic illustrates the journey of Josh Sankey, who was hired by Oscar Mayer to travel the country with only bacon to barter with, in hopes to see if Americans really love bacon as much as they claim. Looks like they do.

Next up we take a look at dirty habits. Let’s be honest, we all have them, however some are worse than others. Like taking your cell phone to the bathroom with you. That little habit is the reason why 16% of cell phones have fecal matter on them. Gross, right? This infographic highlights multiple dirty habits and has some jaw dropping statistics.

Then we take a look at advertisements and media. Every day we are bombarded with advertisements, so it can be really hard for agencies to break through the clutter. This infographic illustrates the different factors that go into making a successful ad.

Next we have the internet. Where would we be without it? But have you ever wondered how big it is? There are about 1 trillion pages on the internet. This infographic helps you to see just how big the internet really is.

Lastly, we take a look at people who have changed our lives, but died penniless and some who got sweet deals for not doing a whole lot. This infographic highlights people throughout history who worked hard for their money (or lack thereof) and some that didn’t.

1 – Baconomy: the Art of Bacon Barter

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2 – Your Dirty Habits Make Me Sick

Courtesy of ionSwipes and Keeping it Kleen

3 – It’s Not the Size of the Ad

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4 – How Big is the Internet?

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5 – Working Hard for the Money?

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