This Week in Infographics #31: Depression and Politics?

This week we start off with politics. Now, now, don’t stop reading just yet. This first infographic compares how Obama and Romney financed their education. With the 2012 Presidential election just weeks away, everyone is trying to learn as much as they can about both candidates, and this infographic will give you some insight into where they both went to school as well as how they paid for their education.

Next up, we look at another comparative infographic. This one compares how social Android and iOS users are. If you own a smartphone, chances are you are privy to the popular social apps, but believe it or not, depending on your operating system, you might be part of a more social group.

Then we take a look at an infographic that has a more serious tone. There is nothing shameful if you are suffering from a form of depression, in fact many people are, with close to 20 million being diagnosed on a yearly basis in the United States alone. Your mental health needs to be taken seriously and learning what you can about depression facts, symptoms and myths will help you understand that it can hit you at any age, no matter the gender or race, depression affects us all whether it is directly or indirectly. In this infographic you will see what you can do to help yourself and those around you who are suffering from depression.

Lastly, we jump back into politics (I know, don’t shoot me). This last infographic focuses more on religion in politics, particularly Mormonism, but also the faiths of other US Presidents.

1 – The Cost to Educate a President

By The Cost to Educate a President

2 – Who is More Social? Android or iOS Users?

Who is More Social? iOS vs Android [Infographic]
Courtesy of StartApp

3 – Getting an In-Depth Look at Depression

Depression Facts, Symptoms & Myths

4 – Mormonism and the Faiths of US Presidents

Romney, Mormonism, and the Faiths of U.S. Presidents
Source: Online Christian Colleges