This Week in Infographics #32: More Politics and Some Other Stuff

This week we start off with politics once again. I know, I know, but with the election just around the corner it only makes sense. This first infographic is about cybersecurity and how both candidates, Obama and Romney, feel about it.

Next up, have you ever had a midlife crisis or witness someone else having one? They are pretty bad, but sometimes they are warranted. This infographic highlights how your career may be the culprit and how changing careers or getting a master’s degree might be the answer to your midlife crisis.

Then, we take a little journey called the social discovery. Social discovery is about creating serendipitous experiences, aided by science, to help us find people, products, and places to enjoy.

Next, we jump back into politics, but focus on green energy. This infographic highlights two types of green energy; wind and solar, as well as the political views on both.

Last, but not least, we look at an infographic that shows you how to know when to go to the ER. I know this seems like something everyone should know, but believe it or not, many people don’t know what kind of ailment or injury really require emergency care. If you are one of those people, this infographic will help you greatly.

1 – Obama vs Romney on Cybersecurity

Obama vs Romney on Cybersecurity: You Decide

Infographic by Veracode Application Security

2 – Midlife Crisis & Worst College Degrees

Graduate Degree Programs

3 – Social Discovery

Social Discovery: The Serendipity and Science Behind the Social Internet

Created by Glimpse – Social Discovery Conference

4 – Green Energy and Politics in 2012

Green Energy and Politics in 2012
Source: Green Energy and Politics in 2012

5 – How to Know When to Go to the ER

How To Know When To Go To The Emergency Room
Source: Top Nursing Programs