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This Week in Infographics #33: Let’s Vote then Party!

This week we start off with technology, more specifically digital signage. You typically see digital signage in shopping malls and fast food restaurants, however college campuses are starting to use it as well. Digital signage is a great way to convey information quickly and in an eye catching manner. This infographic highlights how colleges are integrating digital signage into their campuses.

Next up, we take a look at the logistics of voting. Most of us think of voting as a simple task, you go to your designated voting place, cast your vote and you’re done. However, there is more that goes into election day than you see. This infographic takes you behind the scenes of election day and what really goes on after the last vote has been cast.

Then we look at a guide to patient loyalty. We all have to go to the Doctor or hospital from time to time, and yes, it is a usually an unsettling experience. However, sometimes the worst part can be the billing process. Statistics show that patients that were satisfied with the billing process are twice as likely to return to that hospital than patients who were less than satisfied. So hospitals need to make sure their billing department is taking care of their patients as best as possible or their patients might not come back or refer new patients. This infographic highlights the importance of patient loyalty in growing your healthcare business.

Next we will look at counseling careers. If you are considering a career in counseling then you know there are multiple fields that you can work in, it all really depends on the type of people you want to help, as well as work environment, job outlook and salary. This infographic highlights the four main fields of counseling.

Lastly, we get to party. Okay, not really. We are going to look at how to party. You think you’ve got it down pat but you could be wrong. This infographic will tell you all you need to know about how to party the right way.

1 – The Big Screen on Campus

Digital Signage: Big Screen on Campus [Infographic]
Digital Signage Big Screen on Campus [Infographic]
Compliments of Digital Signage Today

2 – The Logistics of Voting

Courtesy of Click Software

3 – A Guide to Patient Loyalty

Guide to Patient Loyalty
Courtesy of: Connance

4 – Which Counseling Career Path if Best for You?

Which Counseling Career Path is Best for You?t
Image compliments of Best Masters in Counseling

5 – How to Party

How to Party
Courtesy of bestcollegesonline.org