This Week in Infographics #34: Politics and Social Media

This week we start of with, you guessed it, politics! I know, you probably hate me by now, but it will all be over in a week or so. This first infographic compares how both candidates have immersed their campaigns in the mobile app world.

Next up, we look at Facebook psychology. Yes, that’s right. Facebook has become such a phenomenon that it is affecting our psych. However, it’s not just Facebook, but rather the internet as a whole is making us addicts. This infographic focuses on internet addiction and how our brains have changed since the internet came into existence.

Then we jump back in to politics and take a look at how Obama and Romney feel about intellectual property, an issue that isn’t talked about much in the debates but is still very important.

Last but not least we look at the social media landscape of business. While corporate America still measures success in revenue sheets and cash on hand, there’s no question social media is changing the landscape of business. This infographic highlights the top businesses and their number of followers in social media.

1 – The Presidential Battle

Obama vs Romney Mobile [Infographic]
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2 – Facebook Psychology

Facebook Psychology
Source: Facebook Psychoogy

3 – Obama vs Romney on Intellectual Property

obama vs romney ip policy The IP Election (Infographic)

Courtesy of Likelihood of Confusion

4 – Business: The Social Media Landscape

Business: Social Media Landscape
Source: Top Business Degrees