This Week In Infographics #35: The Evolution of Media, Jobs and Everything Else

This Week In Infographics #35: The Evolution of Media, Jobs and Everything Else

Quite a lot has changed over the last decade. These few infographics featured here span just a few areas that have changed drastically, some for the better…some not so much. No one is really buying print anymore, selling techniques of old are being referred to in terms that only Jurassic Park fans would understand, and kids are still being kids.

The idea of paywalls was developed when the internet took over the world and people stopped wanting to cut down trees to get their news. It took newspaper publications longer than it should have to figure this out and now they want people to pay to read their news online. This is the first infographic we’ve found of this sort, but it most certainly won’t be the last.

Next, we explore the evolution of the salesperson (not to be confused with salesman, as it’s not politically correct). Alec Baldwin would roll over in his metaphorical grave (he better thank his lucky stars for 30 Rock) if he knew the extent of which sales has evolved. It’s no longer about beating your customer over the head with your product; it’s actually about getting to know your customer’s needs and tailoring your tactics to suit them. Can you believe it?

Also, we have an infographic that features all of our wildest career dreams that never came to be. Who didn’t want to be a fireman (excuse me…fire PERSON), doctor, rock star, actor, or anything else mentioned on this infographic? The reality of it is life set in, and we all got too busy to follow our dreams. Well, have no fear! Your children are not doomed to the same fate. This graphic explores all the careers we long for and exactly what to do to make them a reality.

Ever wonder why your Mom always told you to listen to your teacher? The next infographic shows exactly how your teacher was right…every time!

And lastly, we delve into the world of business and social media. In today’s world, the two go hand in hand.

1 – The Paywall Trend

Paywall Trends

2 – The Evolution of the Salesperson

The Evolution Of The Salesperson [Infographic]

courtesy of Postwire

3 – What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

When I Grow Up I Want To Become A...
Image compliments of How Do I Become A … ?

4 – Your Teacher Was Right

Your Teacher Was Right
Image compliments of Best Masters in Education

5 – Business: The Social Media Landscape

Business: Social Media Landscape
Source: Top Business Degrees