This Week in Infographics – #36

This Week in Infographics – #36

This has been one of the busiest weeks we’ve had in a while, not to mention it was short. Here it is Wednesday, and we’re calling it a week. You guys, what’s going on? Oh yeah, Thanksgiving. Is that this week? That must be why we’re all in a thankful mood. Either that, or we’re just happy to put out these Infographics at last.

First up we have the definitive process to perfect app exposure. Just because you’ve created the best app known to man doesn’t mean that anyone will care about it. You’d be lucky not to get lost among the half a million Android apps already floating around. If you take care and start it off right, though, you app could blow up.

Next up, we have some new steps for you to add to your workout regimen: recovery! Your workout is only as effective as your recovery time; the body wasn’t made to run on empty. This Infographic makes points on what activity requires what kind of recovery, and not all of them are the same. Check it out and see what you’re missing.

Splash into number three; it’s all about water. We always hear talk about saving water and not letting the faucet run, but we put it into perspective with this Infographic. Thousands of children die every day from drinking and getting sick from unsafe water, while we have fresh water from the tap in our own homes.

Last, but certainly not least, let’s usher in the ladies (and gentlemen) of Pink Collar jobs. Not just for women anymore, these job position were traditionally occupied by at leasy 70% women, are steadily growing within the male population. Who says boys can’t do the same jobs girls do?

 1. Maximum Exposure For Your App

Achieve Maximum Android App Exposure [Infographic]


2. Recovery, The Most Neglected Element of a Workout

Benefits of Recovery - Infographic
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3. There’s Nothing to Drink but Clean Filtered Water

Water Information

4.  Men in Pink Collar

Men in Pink Collar