Cradlepoint Router: The Clutch Hitter of Office Broadband

Cradlepoint Router: The Clutch Hitter of Office Broadband

Earlier this year, we were in a bit of a predicament: we had one broadband provider that wasn’t giving us the bandwidth we needed as a heavy design oriented company (pushing art files up and down the line is a huge Internet hog), so we looked at T1 alternatives. While a T1 might be great for office users that do light Internet tasks and you feel good about the dedicated connection, it wasn’t working for us from a bandwidth perspective.

So, we reached out to our friends at Verizon to see what we could do. And they came through in the clutch. Enter the cradlepoint broadband router.

This is quite the device, acting as a broadband cellular modem and router, capable of handling up to 5 USB, Express Card, and / or PCMIA cards. That’s a lot of bandwidth!

Here’s a picture of the MBR 1200 we tested with its full capacity of goodies attached 🙂

So in our case, we were able to work at full speed (full 4G speeds!)and didn’t need to wait for a T1 install! The only drawback is that since you’re paying for cell data based Internet, make sure you’ve got a handle on how much bandwith you’re using.

All in all, a great experience and highly recommended, especially for on the road and more inventive office spaces such as pop up offices and co-working.

For the bulleted list inclined, here’s a list of benefits: