How the Office Became Siberia


The cold, windowless room at the end of the hallways is affectionately referred to as Siberia. Most of us sit by the front, but some days it can get really crowded and some people banish themselves to Siberia. The experience starts out promising enough. Ample room, less people and noise, and comfy couches galore. As the day goes by however, Office Madness sets in. With the lack of windows and droning monotony of the climate control, no one is safe from insanity.

Office madness take ahold of you slowly and menacingly when you realize that the only typing you can hear is your own and there is no need for your earbuds; no one can hear your music anyway. You begin to realize that were you to die or be attacked in Siberia, no one would know.

It is cold, being closer to the air conditioners, making it feel like winter all the time, even in the summer. There are no windows and though we have clocks, telling time can be stressful. The lack of natural sunlight paired with the flickering florescent lights above put you in a 3rd degree interrogation room; waterboarding would be better.

Your last ounce of humanity dissipates when you hear the footsteps of your fellow workers making their way down the hall, thinking that they’re coming to say hello to you. Only to hear, moments later, the ‘click click’ of their heels on the tiled kitchen floor to refill their coffee mugs. You are utterly alone and no one is coming to see you.

Sometimes, however, you won’t be alone. Another lost soul will have joined you on your pilgrimage to Siberia, and while this companionship staves off Office Madness for at least a short while, it also ends up brutally in a sort of Donner Party-esque ending. Tragic really.

Here at Nowsourcing though, we care for each other. We’ll let you learn your lesson about Siberia, and welcome you with open arms back to the big room. Alexander Mostov, our newest Siberi-er has lasted 1 whole week without completely losing his mind. Check out his bio, it’s a mad-lib.