This Week in Infographics #38: Do You Want to Live Forever?

This week I don’t have a specific theme, however I do start by asking you an interesting question. Do you want to live forever? I mean think about it. If you could really be immortal, would you want to be? With all the advancements in medicine we are living longer, and some may wonder if we should even be messing with the nature of it all. This first infographic takes a look at how we age and even ways to live your life to the fullest.

Next up we take a look at football, but not real football, more like digital football. If you have a smartphone then you most likely love your game apps and sports games seem to be among the most popular. This next infographic takes a look at the best characteristics of football fans that play a popular game by the name of Football Connect.

Moving on, who doesn’t love a nice, cold Coca-Cola? I know I do. In fact, I am a die hard fan of the wonderful soft drink. If you prefer Pepsi you probably won’t enjoy this next infographic, it provides a deeper look into Coca-Cola’s global domination.

Lastly, if you have an uneasy stomach you might want to stop here. This last infographic highlights ten of the dirtiest jobs. If you work in any of these fields then bless your soul, if not you might consider yourself lucky.

1. Who Wants to Live Forever?

Who wants to live forever? [Infographic]
© MedexSupply

2. The Perfect Football Fan

Courtesy of One Up Games

3. The Carbonated Empire

The Carbonated Empire

4. They’re Dirty Jobs, but Somebody’s Got to Do Them

They're Dirty Jobs



  1. Tony L

    Why yes! As a matter of fact I WOULD like to live forever.

  2. Public Lobbyist

    Yes, unless there was a great beyond available to us.