This Week in Infographics #39: Dolla Dolla Bills Ya’ll

This week we start of with the psychology of cults and marketing. You may have a friend or have met someone who only has high praises for Apple. And they are not the only one, this may be the reason why others believe Apple lovers are part of a cult. For years, cults have implemented very specific tactics to get people to join, and marketers aren’t that different. This infographic provides a deeper look into how cults and marketing are more similar than you might think.

Next up we look at counterfeiting. Have you ever used a big bill at the store and had the clerk swipe it with one of those markers? If so, they were checking to make sure the money wasn’t counterfeit. Counterfeiting is a bigger problem than you might think. This infographic provides some insight into some of the most counterfeited goods.

Everyone knows that social media is one of the easiest marketing tools out there, if done right of course. However, only some businesses may benefit from using certain social sites such as Pinterest. This next infographic provides a flow chart to help you decide whether or not your business should use Pinterest.

Then we take a look at the core values of Wordstream. Wordstream brings the power of search marketing to businesses of all sizes. This infographic highlights their core values and how they live up to them.

It use to be “uncool” to be a geek, but in a world full of hipsters, geek is the new chic. This next infographic highlights 10 geeks that you should know.

Last, but not least, we take a peak inside Google’s wallet, and it’s a big one. This last infographic shows how the world’s second most valuable tech company spends its money.

1. The Psychology of Cults and Marketing

Courtesy of: Christian Degrees

2. Cash Me If You Can

Camcode Counterfeiting Infographic

Infographic by Camcode

3. Should Your Business Be On Pinterest

Should Your Business Be on Pinterest? Find Out [INFOGRAPHIC]
via: Should Your Business Be on Pinterest? Find Out [INFOGRAPHIC]

4. Wordstream Core Values

Courtesy of WordStream

5. Ten Geeks You Should Know

10 Geeks You Should Know

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6. Inside Google’s Wallet

Inside Google's Wallet
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