Children Who Needed One Million Facebook Likes To Get A Puppy Get Their Wish

Children Who Needed One Million Facebook Likes To Get A Puppy Get Their Wish

Let this be a lesson to all parents who think they can get out of parental obligations by using Facebook as an excuse.  If you have cute looking kids and a desire for a puppy, don’t tell them to get one million likes on Facebook first.  Because it will most likely backfire in your face.

After only 14 hours in existence, the Facebook page, TwoGirlsAndAPuppy has smashed through the million likes barrier.

Although the page itself only has 138,000 likes, the picture on the page showing the children holding up their sign has received nearly 921,000 likes (at the time of writing this – and it’s shooting up even more every minute).  So at 1,0,59,000 likes in total, the kids can now go puppy shopping.

And Dad is probably face-palming himself right now, wondering how he got himself into this fine mess.

Make sure to like the page yourself to rub it into Dad’s face even more, and we’ll be sure to keep a watch on the page to make sure the kids get their puppy after all.  If not, I sense another Facebook campaign on the horizon….


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  2. Mark O'Neill

    Well it only involves people clicking a “like” button and it will give some kids a puppy. So there is minimal effort involved and there’s a feel-good factor at the end. That’s why so many people jump in and get involved. Because they don’t have to do much to feel that they have done something good today. I doubt we could apply the “like” button concept to bigger issues affecting the world. If only 🙂