This Week in Infographics #44: Trends and Cancer Hotspots

This week we start off by taking a look at America’s cancer clusters. Did you know that where you live might put you at a higher risk of getting cancer? Environmental factors account for an estimated 75-80% of cancer cases and deaths in the U.S. This first infographic provides a map of America’s cancer hot spots and information about cancers certain carcinogens cause as well as household items you might want to avoid using.

Next up we take a look at a new trend in gifting: social gifting. The feeling of getting someone the exact present they wanted is priceless. However, most gifts on people’s wish lists are very expensive. So how can you buy your friends and family the gifts they want without breaking the bank? You can collaborate with other friends to purchase the gift through social media. This next infographic provides a deeper look into social gifting and how it works.

Then we take a look at how football season affects the pay TV industry. Football season is a huge part of American culture. In fact, 64% of U.S. adults say they watch the NFL. This next infographic provides a deeper look into how American’s watch football and the affects of football season on TV.

Next up, who doesn’t love technology? We are always looking for the next best thing in tech, especially as consumers. This next infographic highlights the 2013 trends at CES which is the worlds largest consumer technology tradeshow.

Lastly, we take a look at the geek’s guide to becoming an uber-geek. Do you want to step up your geek game? This last infographic will help you determine what you need to do to become the ultimate uber-geek.

1. America’s Cancer Clusters

America's Cancer Clusters
Source: America’s Cancer Clusters

2. For Me? You Shouldn’t Have. Really.


3. The Impact of Football Season on TV


Courtesy of ClickSoftware

4. CES Trends for 2013

CES 2013 Trends:  What Will They Think of Next?
Image source: Best Choice Reviews

5. The Geek’s Guide to Becoming an Uber-Geek

Geek's Guide to Becoming an Uber-Geek
Image compliments of Best Computer Science Degrees