‘Infographic Advice from the Experts’ Interview


Being an infographic design company, we consider ourselves experts in the field, and apparently so do others. In the U.S edition of  ‘Infographic Advice from the Experts,’ Neo Mammalian Studios asked our very own President, Brian Wallace, some great questions about infographics. Check out Brian’s answers below.

1. What advice would you give someone starting out in the world of infographics/content marketing?

There are many amazing infographics out there. Use them as inspiration.

2. What is the best infographic/linkbait you have ever seen? Why?

Last year, we did an infographic for Wordstream immediately prior to the Facebook IPO.


The research study evaluated the Google display network versus Facebook’s ad platform. It caught fire and had an estimated 15 million reach including, etc and was profiled in AdWeek – http://adweek.com/sa-article/beyond-words-142494

3. Give one tip for outreaching with large sites.

Developing a relationship and being pertinent to what the site wants to cover is key. Large sites are inundated with requests every day. It’s your job to stand out and be better than the half-hearted ones.

4. What is your opinion on the future of infographics?

Infographics aren’t new, so well designed or well thought out infographics have a strong future. They will continue to progress alongside technology. More and more infographics will be user-interactive and included animations.

5. Is there a book that has had a big influence on you or your work?

Less books and more so magazines, especially the 1960’s Esquire and TIME. Editorial design shares many of the same strategies with infographic design.

6. If you could only read one blog what would it be?


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