This Week in Infographics #46: Let’s Get Down and Nerdy

Most of us drive every day, and we don’t usually conciously think about whether or not we are driving on a dangerous road or in a dangerous area of town. This first infographic highlights some of the worst places to drive throughout the world.

Next, we look at the psychology of an internet troll. If you enjoy playing on the inter-webs then you have probably come across your fair share of internet trolls. This next infographic takes a look at why they act the way they do.

Then we continue the science trend and take a look at the science of smart. This infographic takes a look at different factors that can affect your intelligence and IQ.

Next up, we jump to technology and take a look at how algorithms changed the world. Without algorithms I wouldn’t be typing this blog post at this very moment. This infographic takes a look at all the wonderful things algorithms have given us.

Then we take a look at what’s driving the pay-TV growth in Europe. In the States, pay-TV seems to be on the decline, but is booming in Europe. Why is this the case? This infographic takes a look at the factors that are increasing pay-TV subscribers in Europe.

Lastly, everyone is excited for the Super Bowl this Sunday, but you would be surprised to know that some of the best players in the Super Bowl XLVII and some of the best marketing practices actually have a lot in common.  This last infographic takes a look at the players and how they relate to marketing practices.

1. The Worst Places to Drive

The Worst Places To Drive
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2. Psychology of an Internet Troll

Psychology of an Internet Troll
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3. The Science of Smart

The Science of Smart
Source: Best College Reviews

4. How Algorithms Changed the World

An infographic by the team at College Degree Search

5. What’s Growing Pay-TV Growth in Europe?

click tv

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6. The Marketing Super Bowl

Courtesy of: Insightera