Verizon Test Drivers Insure Call Quality


Can you hear me now? Good. We should all give thanks to the network testers at Verizon that go the extra mile (literally) to make sure that every call meets your expectations, and that every spoken word comes through crystal clear.

As one of our nations’ top networks, Verizon wireless takes a lot of pride in their network testing team. They recruit talented men and women to navigate nearly 1 million miles of the most frequently traveled roadways of America. These employees aren’t just on a leisurely road trip though. Verizon deploys their network testers to monitor the Verizon network, as well as competitor networks for performance evaluations.

Over 3.5 million voice call tests and 19 million data tests are performed annually throughout the country, and you can give a great deal of the credit to testers like Howard Groves in Indianapolis, Indiana for ensuring the superior coverage that you can only find at Verizon. Network testing truly is the only way to keep tabs on call quality within your network without waiting for the customer complaints to roll in.