This Week in Infographics #66: Mobility and Bourbon

This Week in Infographics #66: Mobility and Bourbon

You have a smartphone, don’t you? In fact, you might be looking at this post on it, or it’s in your pocket, or sitting next to you. Nearly half of all mobile phone users use smartphones. I’m surprised this stat isn’t higher to be honest. Smartphones seem to have taken over our lives. This first infographic looks at smartphones and society and how going mobile has changed the way we live.

Then, we take a look at master’s degrees. Deciding whether to go to grad school or not can be a tough decision for most. However, if you decide to do so you might want to pay close attention to master’s degrees that might not be worth it. This next infographic looks at five of the lowest paying master’s degrees.

Next, we look at bourbon. Bourbon has been around for quite some time and since I hail from bourbon’s home state I can vouch that it is a very beloved spirit. But have you ever wondered about the history of bourbon? Four Roses is celebrating their 125th Anniversary and wanted to take a look at the history of bourbon, this next infographic does just that.

The last infographic takes a look at the future of mobility. Just like I said before, smartphones have taken over our lives and as new advancements in mobile technology come along we will only continue to be immersed in the mobile world. This last infographic looks at what we have to look forward to in terms of mobile tech.

1. Smartphones and Society

Effects of Smartphones on Society

2. Master’s Degree that Don’t Pay

Master's Degrees That Don't Pay

3. Bourbon’s Toastworthy Moments

Four Roses

4. The Future of Mobility