This Week in Infographics #74: Skype and the Future

This Week in Infographics #74: Skype and the Future

This week we start off by celebrating Skype’s 10 year Anniversary. For a decade, Skype has brought millions of people together even when they are apart. This first infographic takes you through a decade of fascinating people, places and behaviors Skype has inspired.

Then, we take a look at whether to renovate or rebuild your home. Making such a big decision can cause a lot of stress. But have no fear, this second infographic provides some helpful tips to help you decide wether to renovate or start from scratch.

Next, we take a look at the future. Where you do think the U.S. will be in the year 2020? This next infographic looks at how job growth and the population will change in the future.

Last, we re-visit the Cap’n Crunch show. The Cap’n is trying to take over late-night television, and he actually might have a chance. This last infographic highlights more reasons why the Cap’n makes a great talk show host.

1. Skype Celebrates a Decade of Meaningful Conversations


2. Renovate or Rebuild?

Renovate or Rebuild

3. What Will the U.S. Look Like in 2020

2020 Infographic
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4. The Cap’n Crunch Show

The Cap'n Crunch Show - #TeamCrunch - Top 5 things the Cap'n Crunch does in his bowl during commercial breaks.
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