Which Came First, The Interactive Or The Infrastructure?

Which Came First, The Interactive Or The Infrastructure?


Have you ever been caught in a feedback loop? Maybe you really want to do something revolutionary but the infrastructure to support your idea just isn’t there. Do you fix the infrastructure first or do you proceed with your idea with the hope that the infrastructure will catch up?

That’s what it’s like leading the industry in infographics. We do a lot of innovative things and we like to push the envelope on a regular basis. It’s how we grow and improve.

Last year we did this awesome interactive infographic about coffee that almost broke the internet. Interactives were starting to gain traction and this one hit the nail on the head. The problem? Many of the sites that wanted to post this infographic weren’t capable of embedding an interactive infographic. So instead of seeing this neat interactive infographic about coffee all over the internet there were chopped up static bits of it everywhere.

We’ve made a quite a few interactives since then and we continue to explore new and innovative ideas.  Interactives are a labor of love, to be sure, but it can be really frustrating to create something so unique only to have it chopped up into 10 static pieces. Most people aren’t going to click through to see the interactive, which can be kind of a bummer.

Unfortunately we’re still in the technological dark ages. Technology is evolving rapidly, but the infrastructure to get something like an interactive infographic to the masses still isn’t there. People are still using Internet Explorer, for Heaven’s sake. We have the will and the know-how to make some pretty cool interactives. We’re already making the best static infographics in the world, and when the infrastructure catches up we’ll already be leading the way on interactives as well.