#ThinkBig: Logistics and Distribution Edition

#ThinkBig: Logistics and Distribution Edition


We are happy to announce our third #ThinkBig event here at NowSourcing. This time we’re focussing on logistics and distribution. Louisville is a shipping hub, home to UPS’s international air headquarters. Have you ever thought about how much logistics bring to the local economy? This #ThinkBig we will be discussing what makes Louisville so special when it comes to shipping and how we can apply that to growing local businesses.

Ever since our first event back in August of 2014, Stop Thinking Small Louisville, the #ThinkBig events have grown into a successful city wide campaign to put Louisville on the entrepreneurial map. With so much to offer, there’s not reason Louisville shouldn’t be pioneering the next big thing.

Featured speakers include Chad Miller, Marketing Segment Manager, UPS; Kevin Gue, Director, LoDI (Logistics & Distribution Institute), University of Louisville; Allison Myers, Senior Marketing Product Manager, Lantech; our very own Maggie Kimberl, Content Promotion Specialist, NowSourcing, Inc. / independent bourbon culture expert; and Danny Shaw, Director of Business Development, SkuVault.

Join us for a unique evening with NowSourcing. Doors open at 6pm, speakers start at 6:30, food & drinks until 9pm. Tickets are going fast, so RSVP today to make sure you’ve got a spot! Looking forward to seeing you there.