DIY Awesome Infographics in 5 Easy Steps, and Other Mythical Creatures

DIY Awesome Infographics in 5 Easy Steps, and Other Mythical Creatures

Making infographics is really easy.  There’s really no reason to shell out for a top-notch infographic design agency when there are so many tools you can use to create them yourself.  Sure, you don’t even really know what an infographic is, but your just a few clicks away from a Google degree.  Go for it!

Step 1: Open MS Paint

Why pay a designer when you can make charts and graphs yourself using MS Paint?  Who needs fancy design software or a designer who’s actually been to design school?  You can DIY anything these days with the help of Google.

this is not an infographic header

Step 2: Don’t Worry About Picking A Topic Or Laying Out A Narrative

You can really just fill those things in as you go.  You’ll get the feeling of the pictures and just go from there.  No reason to spend all that time planning what you need to say.  Time is money!

Step 3: Don’t Proofread Before You Post

Who really needs to proofread, anyway?  Your work is exactly how you meant it to be, and you’re in a rush to get it in front of people.  Did someone point out a mistake?  They’re just trolls.  Don’t attempt to fix it.  You gave it your all, and the interwebz will just love it!

Proofreading is important

Step 4: Call It An Infographic, Even If It’s Clearly Not One

Infographics are really popular.  That’s why your boss pulled you off the sales force temporarily to create one.  You took art appreciation in high school, and you’ve Googled enough that you have a pretty good idea what you’re doing.  It’s a pretty chart, so that makes it an infographic, right?

Step 5: Pass The Buck

That infographic you made didn’t get noticed?  Obviously the internet was just having a bad day.  Surely your next one will get your company a million page clicks and you’ll convert 100% of those clicks into sales.  Next time.

Header Courtesy of New Old Stock Photos, Travel Tips Courtesy of Downy Wrinkle Releaser Pinterest Page