Getting Unstuck

Getting Unstuck

I’ve decided to do a series of short posts each week on everything from entrepreneurship to sales and business development to just plain good advice and lessons learned from nearly 10 years in the trenches (we turn 10 this August!) running my own startup. Toying with the idea of doing this in video format as well.

This Week’s Topic: Getting Unstuck

As Ze Frank says in his excellent video when he was coming back to the YouTube game invocation for beginnings – he addresses people who are stuck at a place between zero and one.

What Gets People Stuck?


Fear of being judged. Fear of perfection and fear of failure. I’ve been stuck on this very topic of rolling out some weekly advice for a while now and it’s time to move forward. It was easier to put out content when my company was still a one man band down in my basement. It’s easier when you’re invisible. Plus I think humility is a very important trait in running a business. The famous venture capitalist David Rose says that the integrity of the entrepreneur is the most important thing. So I’m taking a rare step of showing a bit of the behind the scenes to the man and the company that’s usually the man behind the curtain.

So How Do You Get Unstuck?

Deal with issues from the past. If there’s something toxic or in your life – work or personal – you’ve got to get some kind of closure and move forward. Perhaps you’re just being a perfectionist – it’s time to get your message out there. Repetition is a great way too – sometimes just getting into a routine will force new and better habits.

Bonus: My Further Thoughts On Video

What do you do when you run out of ideas?

Posted by Brian Wallace on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time.