Brevity: The Art of Getting to the Point

Brevity: The Art of Getting to the Point

Brevity doesn’t mean that you’re simple minded or stupid.

It’s just about getting to the point.

Even so, I’ve been publicly and privately criticized through the years.

Why do you write such blog posts?
Anyone can write that!
There’s no meat in it!


All to which I say thanks for the feedback! 🙂
Feel free to read any master’s thesis of your choice, but simply put – long-form isn’t my *typical* writing style.

People are busy.
People want to learn something.
People want the brief moments between appointments to matter.

So that’s who I’m writing for. You.

You’re probably reading this from pocket, flipbook, or some way to read it quickly.  Like when you’re on the bus, train or taking a quick break / morning coffee.

Brevity doesn’t mean I’m dumb or incapable of writing a huge essay.

Ever hear of Seth Godin? Gary Vaynerchuk? They are brief in their everyday posts.

Do something brief and meaningful today.