You, Inc. The Best Investment You Can Make

You, Inc. The Best Investment You Can Make

Invest in yourself.

At your own company.

Mind you, I’ve warned several times now against starting your own company.  But if you’re stubborn enough to ignore me, then maybe you do have what it takes after all.

Investing the Right Way

Not sure where everyone got the idea that recieving a round of investing should be celebrated like winning the lottery.  You still have to pay it back, remember?  Not to mention that you have a group of new people, that may or may not understand your business at all, that you now have to answer to.

Tucker Max has excellently laid out the game that you shouldn’t get into angel investing either.

Investing in yourself means focusing on one thing really, really well.  As Elon Musk’s ex-wife said, great at one thing, get great at another thing, and make new cross sections of ideas.

With all the drive in the world about balance and being “well-rounded,” this advice might seem odd. Instead of being well-rounded, delegate all that stuff and focus on where you are irreplaceable.

Passive Income and Overnight Success

For everyone that you see living free and easy, there are many more that are hustling and grinding like crazy.  Gary Vaynerchuck says he starts work around 5:30am every day and is solidly going until 11pm.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about who has the longest work day; it’s about time allocation. It isn’t unusual to have many meetings that last between 3-5 minutes long. Why waste 30 minutes on a meeting that could be done in 5?

How will you invest in yourself today?