Why Monday is the Best Day of the Week

Why Monday is the Best Day of the Week
Yes, you read that correctly. Maybe I’m a bit of an optimist and grateful in what comes to me in life, but I just cannot understand people that spend all day lamenting the start of the week with a classic “case of the Mondays.”
You knew it was coming, didn’t you? Did you think the weekend would last forever?
Here’s the thing: you are creating your own negative environment.  When I have Monday meetings, I start off by saying that it’s the best day of the week.  Just by having this attitude, you’re making it a better day for you and those around you.
And if you’re competitive like me, you’re absolutely owning an extra 20% of the week while your competition is still sleeping. 🙂
I’m not along in this thinking – need more inspiration? Watch Gary Vee’s Monday motivational – 
What will you get done this Monday?