Working Hard is Not Enough

Working Hard is Not Enough

When you ask most business people these days how they are doing, many reply, “busy.”

You Don’t Know What Busy Is

I don’t think that most people know what busy really is.  There is a desire to look as if you’re doing important work, but how often are you taking breaks, binge watching Netflix, and surfing through your Facebook feed?

Working hard isn’t just the number of hours you’re sitting at the computer.  It’s doing work that can sometimes be repetitive, sometimes you’re making huge decisions, and (hopefully) getting paid for it.

There’s a specific angle of “working hard” I’d like to address in this week’s column: working hard even when people think you’re a joke.

Who wants to be thought of as a joke? Nobody.  But you’ve got to have the conviction – especially when you’re an entrepreneur in a new product category – to keep working even if people laugh you out of their boardroom.

If You’re Getting Dismissed, You’re on Your Way

When we first started offering social media services in 2006, many people dismissed it as crazy.

“Who cares about Twitter?”
“Why would I use Facebook for my business?”
“None of my competitors are blogging.”

Most of them would call back a few years later.

You can’t let others get in your way once you have a clear vision.

Vision Isn’t Enough

Working hard is not enough.

Take my friend and colleague Corey TallBoy.

He’s sometimes not taken seriously as a 7 foot tall man. But he’s definitely outpacing your daily content production, especially video content.

Brian @ NowSourcing and TallBoy at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2015

Brian @ NowSourcing and TallBoy at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2015

Put your vision, hard work, and love for what you do, and incredible things may happen.