Weird Inspiration: A Look Inside NowSourcing

Weird Inspiration: A Look Inside NowSourcing

We have a very creative office here at NowSourcing, but sometimes when you’re used to seeing something every day it loses its luster.  Then something as simple as a comment during a meeting can lead you to see things with new eyes, inspiring you to see things a a new and weird light.
Below are some images of strange things around our office dressed up for the macabre.  Try doing this in a cubicle farm.  Enjoy!

Jack In The Ceiling

We have a height chart full of notable celebrities on a column in our common room.  The 8’1″ height of a man named Robert Wadlow necessitated we remove a portion of the ceiling.  So why not stick the most terrifying of all childhood toys, the Jack in the Box, up there to startle you when you gaze up?


Zombie Under The Coffee Maker

Because we’re all zombies until we get that first cup of coffee, right?  In reality this is just a bronze mannequin in our kitchen illuminated with black lights.  Why we have mannequins and black lights in our kitchen is another story 🙂

spooky man

Vampire Behind The Door

There are murals on the walls throughout the office.  Some are full-wall murals and some are just random men behind doors.  This is the latter dressed up to look like a vampire, because Halloween.

vampire behind the door

Mannequin Bookends

Our art director found a bunch of mannequins and brought them to our office.  They’re everywhere, and they’re just as creepy in real life as they are in these photos.

zombie man

Fallout Shelter

The fact we have a “Fallout Shelter” sign in our front hallway is weird enough in itself.  But as long as we’re re-envisioning things around the office, this reminds me of a zombie movie so I threw some fake blood on there.

fallout shelter

Hot Lava

For reasons I’ve never fully understood, you always seem to see lava lamps in scary movies.  We have two in our office, and I can assure you nothing scary goes on around here.

hot hot lava

Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl