How to Win Business With Big Brands

How to Win Business With Big Brands

Everyone says that they want to work with the big boys. By big boys, I’m referring to the Fortune 500 – the largest public companies in the USA. It looks great to have them as clients and it signals to the world that you’ve “made it.”

But do you really want to work for them?
Are you good enough to work for them?

Crawl before you walk, folks. It takes a lot of time to truly get good at what you do before you’re in the spotlight. NowSourcing is 10 years old, so you’d expect to see several big names by now.

But don’t be discouraged if you don’t have these badges of honor yet. You’ll get these if you stay the course by honing your craft.

I just did an interview on this very topic if you’re looking for more tips.

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  1. Joseph Hansen

    Success comes after you work hard for your craft. Big brands today started from small first before they become successful. They are truly an inspiration to small businesses today. But like what they always said, it takes effective management, determination, hard work and efficient people to also reach the peak of success.