Helping People Doesn’t Hurt You

Helping People Doesn’t Hurt You

Can I pick your brain?

If you’re any kind of subject matter expert or consultant, chances are you dread hearing these words. They are usually coming from people that want your services for free.

People abusing your professional ability aren’t doing the right thing – let’s be clear.

That said, there’s another side of this.

You can choose to be completely transactional in nature and have a scarcity mindset or you can be passionate and relationship driven with an abundance mindset. I’d argue that people should help other people as a moral function. A blogger on Medium went transactional and I can understand why, though I personally would say this is too far.

My Thoughts

Here’s my thoughts further expounded in video:

Helping People. Let me pick your brain.

Posted by Brian Wallace on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I hope beyond hope that you all can have the courage to give of yourself.


  1. Garret Merkley

    There is a time and a place for everything. I agree with you that at times it is best to give without expecting to receive.

    Remembering that life is about people and relationships.

  2. Brian Wallace

    Well said, Garret! Thanks for commenting.