NowSourcing SXSW Inside Track #1: Flashbacks and Moving Forward

NowSourcing SXSW Inside Track #1: Flashbacks and Moving Forward

Ready for SXSW2016?

Welcome to the first edition of NowSourcing’s official SXSW Survival guide now with 30% more hype! We’re so excited to be starting this series up again because it means that SouthBy is just around the corner- but there’s still so much to do. 

SXSW2015 was one of our most memorable years from meeting great people, attending excellent parties and events, and even catching a few shows on the music festival side. Meeting with locals and visitors alike was a truly unique experience and the connections we made are immeasurable and we’re planning on making this year even better.

Brian Wallace with Monster Cable CEO Noel Lee – backstage at the Tech Cocktail party 

More 2015 highlights

But enough about last year; lets think ahead!

First things first: planning is key. If you skimp on planning you itinerary you’re going to have a bad time. So do some research! Great events, speakers, and even parties are already cropping up for RSVP on Eventbrite; take a look at make note of ones that interest you and better yet, sign up and get yourself on the list. Don’t worry if some overlap, this early in the game it’s a good idea to have as many events on your radar as possible and you can cut it down later. 

Swag Sneak Peek!

A quick look at some of our swag courtesy of
A quick look at some of our swag courtesy of
Something else to keep in mind are reservations! Hotel, badges, plane tickets? Confirm them! With registration deadlines coming closer every day, give yourself peace of mind to know that your spot is reserved and if something isn’t quite right, you’ve given yourself plenty of time to fix it before it’s too late.

Stay tuned for upcoming newsletters featuring more planning tips, tricks, and everything you’ll need for a successful SXSW2016 as well as our own exciting plans for this year. Whether this is your first year or you’re a veteran, there will be something for everyone.