NowSourcing SXSW Inside Track #4: Where to Lounge and Focus

NowSourcing SXSW Inside Track #4: Where to Lounge and Focus

It’s just a few short weeks until SXSW and that means it’s time to start looking at the more intricate nuances of Interactive: namely the lounges. Certainly when we think of SXSW lounging around doesn’t exactly come to mind, but it’s a mistake to assume that taking a break is a waste of time.

Though crowded, SXSW turns Austin in a very pedestrian-friendly city. It’s easy to navigate (the streets work in a grid and a lot of them will be closed) and nothing is so far that a pedicab, a bicycle, or a short walk can’t get you there. That being said, try adding some simple walking or jogging to your workout routine to prepare.

NowSourcing SXSW Inside Track #4: Brian Solis, Experience, & the Best Lounge

Not quite a party or event- the lounge is one of the most unique part of what SXSW has to offer. For many visitors, lounges offers respite from the hustle, bustle, and sore feet of Interactive by offering electrical outlets, charging, stations, snacks, drinks, and good vibes.

Brian Wallace had the pleasure of speaking with SXSW vet Brian Solis about the TechSet Comcast Lounge– going strong since 2009 and the brainchild of Brian Solis and Stephanie Agresta.